Monday Morning Mentoring 1/1/2024
Hey Powerhouse Leaders!
Let’s dive into the ultimate adventure:

Knowing Yourself!

Those two words pack a punch, right?

Sure, there are those trendy personality tests with numbers, acronyms, and colors that claim to unveil the secrets of your soul. Don’t get me wrong; they’re fun, but let’s not forget we’re ever-evolving beings. Identifying as an 8, INFJ, or Red might give us some insights, but it’s just scratching the surface. We’re not fixed or stagnant; we’re fluid energy in constant motion.

Getting a sense of your tendencies is cool, though. I recently discovered that my go-to move is to challenge – challenge myself, challenge others. But what’s the challenge really about? I had to dig deep and find that it’s about pushing myself and others to be authentically whole and to show up as my best. It’s not about challenge for challenge’s sake. Similar vibes come from INFJ and Red labels, reflecting a preference for progress, a love for results, intuitive powers, and yes, a smidge of judgment. But here’s the kicker – those tests won’t tell you the whole story. Only you can unveil your true intentions through self-exploration, asking the real questions, diving into profound inquiry.

So, here’s the mission for this week: Lead yourself first, and it starts by taking charge of your thoughts.

Let’s be real – how many thoughts are calling the shots in your head every day, every hour, every minute? Probably more than we’d like to admit. Just take a look at the chaos in the world!

When you, yes YOU, are fully leading yourself, that’s where the magic happens! There’s power, harmony, and the touch of Divine Grace. Miracles become a daily occurrence. 

That’s my mission – to create a space and offer guidance for those ready to lead from their true POWERHOUSE, an inherent right that no one can buy, manipulate, or negotiate.

This week, let’s play a game of mind observation. Take note of your thoughts, especially the recurring ones. Create a 2-column chart – Helping vs. Harming, Beneficial vs. Destructive, Positive vs. Negative thoughts.

Now, take the reins and lead your thoughts. Fire, delete, or replace the ones that no longer support you in leading your highest and best self.

Sound like a plan?

Let me know how your thought leadership journey goes this week!

Much Love,