Every few days, someone will ask me what I think about some trendy peak performance, fitness or wellness topic … things like psychedelics’, fasting, supplements, a new fitness gadget …

This week it was the new Oura ring.

Basically, something (anything!) that’s designed to speed up your results.

I get it, who doesn’t want the quick result that sticks?

Well today I thought I’d focus on how to REALLY supercharge your results and break down specific actions you can take to elevate your results to the next level, fast.

Because YES: it IS possible to make small changes that yield BIG results.

The #1 TIP to rocket you toward your goals…is NOT an Oura ring. Yes I’ve tried it. No it didn’t get me better sleep, more energized or more focused – it just gave me more data. To do what with you ask? To track. So I could improve it. Ok, but like is it going to shut down my brain at 1:30 when I can’t sleep because I’m wondering what my Oura ring is tracking? Nope. It’s just making me think about what it’s tracking so I better sleep or else. Ugh.

So let’s get to that #1 TIP – ready? This is the absolute most important thing you should do before you get fancy with any trendy “hacks.”


What kind of basics?

Here they are:

Make sure you eat a healthy, whole-food-based diet that covers your nutritional needs.
Sleep 7-9 hours a night.
Get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. AKA Move your butt regularly, sometimes intensively sometimes not.
Surround yourself with social support and positivity. AKA get rid of A holes and connect with kinder smarter good people, like yourself (I hope).
Drink pure water – nope not that fancy colored, flavored, whatever water, just perfect hydrogen x 2 and oxygen and do this regularly throughout the day but not during your meal (it dilutes your stomach acid slowing digestion – see my article on HCL stomach acid)

To me, these are non-negotiables because together, your basics will make the BIGGEST IMPACT on your energy, focus, vitality, stamina…
… not to mention any performance goals like taking on a Spartan BEAST or climbing Mount Fuji.

My assignment for you (it’s something I’m doing right along with you): is to DOUBLE DOWN on the BASICS starting right now.

Then, we can start getting fancy with “biohacks” to give you that little “extra.”

Are you with me?