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*** Does it really matter if I skimp on sleep? ***

Hate to break it to you, but it may take only ONE BAD NIGHT OF SLEEP for diminished mental and physical performance plus your body starts storing fat and breaking down muscle!😲

Swedish researchers found that after a sleepless night, the muscles of people participating in their study showed signs of protein breakdown.

😲 AND their fat tissue showed higher levels of compounds that help boost fat storage!

Not only that, after the sleepless night… genes in their fat tissue linked with obesity and type 2 diabetes changed.

So, what does that mean on a practical level? Here are some tips:

😴 Make time for sleep — set aside 7-8 hours for sleep every night
😴 Set yourself up for a great night of sleep with your daily habits and routines
😴 Eat a nourishing diet with plenty of high-quality protein to help your body and brain build & maintain muscle
😴 Aim for 2+ strength-training workouts in your fitness routine weekly and move throughout the day rather than staying stuck sitting at the desk

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