Everything you do has a cost and a pay off.

Sometimes it’s monetary but more so, there is a physical, emotional and/or mental cost or pay off in the things you are doing (and keep doing). Let’s find out if they are in your best interest and take a look at why you aren’t where you want to be yet.

If you take an action on something and it fails…that could mean you are stupid, bad, incompetent, or any number of meanings you might care to attach to it.

If you procrastinate or hesitate when you need to complete something…there is a cost. It could cost you time and money and likely some amount of frustration, anxiety or doubt. You get there is a cost to it – but why do you still procrastinate?

Well, there is absolutely a pay off, and it’s always stronger than the cost.

So let’s look at the pay off.

One that comes up time and again is you “get to be right about something”.

Your subconscious wants to be right. So even if it doesn’t serve you today, it may be that as some point your subconscious set it up for your survival.

This then goes on auto pilot and becomes a buried mind set or program that is operating in the background.

It’s like that little voice in the back of the head where if you don’t do as good of a job as you could have and you miss the mark. The pay off is  “see I was right, I couldn’t pull it off”.

Whether it’s losing weight or getting in great shape, improving your confidence and ability to put yourself forward and do more public speaking, or start a new business or get rid of a dead beat boyfriend or to do what needs to be done to get the right amount of leads so you make the sales target you want…if you aren’t getting done what needs to be done, you have some kind of “pay off” in place.

I’ve seen this for myself, where I have found myself just “so busy”.  Every body has the same amount of time. There are many people with more on their plate and yet they are getting things done. So I had to take a deeper look at why I was “so busy” but not getting the results I wanted.

When you remove that pay off and you eliminate your excuse to feel bad, or go off and commiserate with friends and family because you couldn’t make it, you will finally see that to become successful – you have to be a different person.

To be fit and healthy, it’s a whole new set of habits.

You don’t go to a drive-through for your meals and you don’t sit in front of the tv with a tub of ice cream. Instead you mindfully plan, prepare and take the time to enjoy a meal of real food, seated at a table and you go take a yoga class or you go walk your dog.

You DO better. You find more fulfilling, more supportive relationships.

To be confident and focused with a positive mindset, you wouldn’t be scrolling or checking your smart phone constantly or getting sucked in to all the nonsense about people who aren’t real (social “reality” media isn’t reality;-)).

Instead you must get clear on what your core values are, what your mission and purpose is and then go about being diligent keeping your thoughts, words and actions consistent with your core values.

You may need to become a different person than who you are today in order to have the success you want in your life tomorrow. You must push passed barriers… in your mind, with your actions, around your habits… to get to the place of success that is both fulfilling and satisfying to you personally and professionally.

With success, there is a whole new set of pressures, sure.

But I promise your biggest breakthroughs and most fulfilling outcomes will come when you finally realize that you are the one who has been holding yourself back.

It’s a tough thing to call out on yourself, but if you do it from a place of finally taking personal responsibility for your life, you can make the real changes and achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. Scary. Sure.

It’s easy to play it small…but it’s more fun to play BIG!

With a coach who believes in your highest good and best outcome, YOU can achieve all you are meant to!

Your biggest fan,

Stephana, CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) www.stephanajohnson.com