Break free from Impostor Syndrome and discover the joy in finding your authentic path to business success.

If you’re merely going through the motions in business, can you truly claim to be “in business”?


Yet, engaging in mere play-acting doesn’t align with integrity. The phrase “Fake it until you make it” may be popular advice, but it raises questions about authenticity.

The concept of “impostor syndrome” and a fraud mentality often stems from a lack of integrity. When the goal is to fake it until success, integrity is often sacrificed along the way.

This compromises the very foundation of our actions.

Similar to an audience booing an actor who is “faking it,” your business may face criticism sooner or later.

Consider a scenario where someone tries to sell you something unnecessary. Often, they find themselves in this position due to trying to cover the costs of their own purchases, hoping that possession will bring happiness, enhance appearance, or expedite goal achievement. This perpetuates a cycle where purchased solutions become the next set of problems.

I firmly believe that operating with integrity and genuinely caring about the person in front of you is essential for a satisfied customer or client. While deceptive tactics may yield short-term gains, they lead to eventual dissatisfaction when the truth is revealed.

The state of your life, business, and metrics tell a story of who you are and what you’ve been doing. 

Clients seek improvement when they’re ready to rewrite their narrative.

In the words of Shakespeare: TO BE? OR NOT TO BE? I know you didn’t start your business to be inauthentic or to be an imposter.

I propose that true change begins with integrity – both personally and in your business. Daily introspection in the mirror is necessary. If you’re dissatisfied with what you see, including your bottom line, hiring a coach or joining a program won’t alter your reflection.

Release what didn’t emanate from integrity. Start being true to yourself – be honest, not just with others but with yourself.

My approach is rooted in integrity. Remember, integrity attracts integrity. Opposites don’t attract; if you encounter dishonesty in your relationships, look no further than your own actions.

If you desire genuine results, authentic clients, and a business free from play-acting, let’s talk.

Meanwhile, take this daily dose from my Powerhouse Leaders Manifesto (you can grab a free copy here)

  1. Self-Reflection: Take time each day to honestly assess yourself and your business.
  2. Release Non-Integrity: Identify aspects of your business that lack integrity and let them go.
  3. Clarify Identity: Clearly define who you are at your best and what your business represents.
  4. Attract Like-Minded Individuals: From the Law of Growth – we get what we give, so only operate with integrity and you will naturally attract clients, partners, and coaches who share your values.

If you’re ready to commit to your goals, ready for tangible results, authentic clients, and an end to the play-acting, let’s start a conversation. Book a Complimentary Leadership Solution Call