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Stephana Johnson Leadership Coach for Fortune 100

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You Are Meant To Lead

The leader lifestyle can be demanding and depleting.

You have a high-pressure job, high cortisol, and high stress.

You have moments of feeling the dreaded “imposter syndrome”.

You feel pulled in a million different directions with no time to consider your own needs, even at the most basic level.

You don’t have time to be down. You need to reset and position yourself to excel for the long run.

You deserve to feel energized, ready to make critical decisions, manage challenges with ease, and head home knowing you still have energy left for the most important people in your life.

Peak Performance for Powerhouse Leaders Stephana Johnson

Hi, I’m Stephana Johnson, CHHP, CES, NMT

I’m the person behind the scenes guiding and supporting many high-level executives, business owners, and public figures, often in their most difficult moments that can make or break their relationships, careers, health, and well-being.

If you are looking for that confidential partner to facilitate positive transformations and provide expert holistic guidance, and intuitive support to uncover blindspots so you make the impact you want to make without feeling like things are constantly falling apart, I’m here for you.

I believe that a focus on root-cause solutions is the key to real and lasting results without the BS.

Unlike working with multiple coaches, doctors, and other specialists who can’t see the big picture with regard to your overall performance, I present a truly holistic, all-inclusive, expert solution that creates sustainable vibrant well-being and peak performance as you skyrocket your results.

The challenge for so many leaders in today’s rapid-fire marketplace is the rate of early burnout, unmanageable and imbalanced demands coming from every direction simultaneously, and no time to consider their own needs, even at the most basic level.

Whether you are leading your family or a global organization, you need to BE your best to make the positive impact you are here to make.

Whether working with me 1:1 or throughout the organization’s entire leadership team, whether through keynotes or strategic work sessions,  I am your catalyst for radical positive transformation; helping executive and business owners become Powerhouse Leaders and skyrocket results for themselves, their teams, and their bottom line.

For the past 25 years, it has been my honor to support high-level executives, business owners, and celebrities and if you can commit to your goals, I will guarantee your results!

“Stephana is a powerhouse! She has the skills, experience, and resources to effectively move you through a transformation, and encourages you through each step, even the challenges …”

“I am 44 years old and was starting to feel my age. I started having knee and hip problems about a year ago. I have been training with Stephana now for about 2 months, I’ve dropped 15lbs my clothes fit better, I feel much better, and best of all my knee hasn’t given me any trouble at all! I love her whole-body approach to fitness and wellness. I highly recommend yogilachi to all you guys out there looking to lose a few pounds or just wanting to get back some of that energy and stamina

Dustin Greene


“Stephana is amazing, and the real deal! Hard to imagine someone has this much experience but she truly does. She’s the perfect balance of tough love with a sincere and compassionate heart. I’ve been training with her since the beginning of December and have had significant progress and look forward to my continued whole-health transformation.

Cindy Rimer


“Stephana helped me address root cause challenges that led to unexpected personal transformation and provided me with powerful tools I use daily to deal with any situation. She focuses on all aspects of your career and life: physical, emotional, and spiritual and I LOVE how she ties it all together…I have her to thank for becoming the best version of me.”

Lance Pincock

Business Owner

“My own transformations have been profound–improved posture, stamina, recovery time, focus, mood, and time! ...I’m more focused and creative at work, more present for my family, and a better human for the border collie. … I can now roam the forests for 4 or 5 miles a couple of times a week and still have energy for all the other things that have to get done. .. I now have the energy to wander the woods, which offers much better brain and spirit recovery value! And because I feel better, I manage stress better, I make better choices, I make better progress in meeting my goals—about food, about how I spend my time, and about how to live each day. “

Jamie Moran


Bring Stephana in to Revitalize Your Audience

With her most requested keynotes, Stephana makes every minute count. Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their performance and productivity.

Stephana Johnson Executive Coach

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Coaching and Training

“It is so rare to find one person who can truly deliver all that and more… If you’re tired of mediocre and are committed to improving all aspects of your life, don’t hesitate to work with Stephana”  Yifat Cohen, Influencer


“Stephana really knows what she’s talking about she cuts right down to what’s standing in the way… she challenged me to step up and fulfill that calling. I finally stopped dodging my spotlight and took my center stage because of Stephana.” Darci D. North Star Nutrition

Why Hire Stephana

Stephana Johnson Leadership Resilience Motivational Speaker

Contagious Enthusiasm

Stephana’s contagious enthusiasm consistently inspires audiences. Guests are energized and empowered with real world tools to take inspired action immediately.


Actionable Information

Your audience doesn’t need to hear another presentation full of ideas and dreams…they need real-world actionable information! Your audience will leave with meaningful tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges.

Customized and Relevant

Instead of a “cookie cutter” speech, Stephana takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives. Her presentation will be on-point, relevant, and customized to your specific needs.

Powerhouse Leaders

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