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The leader lifestyle can be demanding and depleting.

You have high pressure, high cortisol, and high stress.

You feel pulled in a million different directions with no time to consider your own needs, even at the most basic level.

You don’t have time to be down. You need to reset and position yourself to excel for the long run.

You deserve to feel energized, ready to make critical decisions, manage challenges with ease, and head home knowing you still have energy left for the most important people in your life.

I’m the person behind the scenes guiding and supporting many high-level executives, business owners, and public figures, often in their most difficult moments that can make or break their relationships, careers, health, and well-being.

If you are looking for that confidential partner to facilitate positive transformations and provide expert holistic guidance, and intuitive support to uncover blind spots so you make the impact you want to make without feeling like things are constantly falling apart, let’s talk.


Stephana Johnson Leadership Performance Expert, Business Coach, Author, Speaker
Stephana Johnson Leadership Performance Expert, Business Coach, Author, Speaker
Stephana Johnson Leadership Performance Expert, Business Coach, Author, Speaker

You Are Meant To Lead

The challenge for so many leaders in today’s rapid-fire marketplace is the rate of early burnout, unmanageable and imbalanced demands coming from every direction simultaneously, and no time to consider their own needs, even at the most basic level.

Recharge your inner power source to navigate the rapid-fire marketplace with resilience and clarity as you confidently drive sustainable productivity with your team.

Master demands through authentic leadership, powered by compassion and collaboration so engagement and retention stay high even in the current climate.

Conquer burnout, command success, and master leadership with strategic alignment and winning execution to achieve more results with less BS.

Lance Pincock, Marketing Agency Owner

“Stephana helped me address root cause challenges that led to unexpected personal transformation and provided me with powerful tools I use daily to deal with any situation. She focuses on all aspects of your career and life: physical, emotional, and spiritual and I LOVE how she ties it all together…I have her to thank for becoming the best version of me.”

Arzays Davani, CEO The Davani Group

“Stephana embodies the essence of a transformational leader, radiating warmth and kindness akin to a guiding light in our world. Her profound dedication to the well-being and success of her clients is evident in every interaction. She doesn’t just offer surface-level guidance; she delves deep, equipping you with tangible tools tailored for everyday challenges. Whether you’re navigating personal ambitions or business endeavors, Stephana crafts a tailored roadmap, laden with invaluable resources to propel you toward your goals. I am profoundly blessed to have her influence in my life, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for anyone genuinely committed to catalyzing positive change and truly elevating their journey.”

Ekaterina Morrissey, Morrisey Corporate Wellness

“Stephana Johnson is an extraordinary business consultant. In just a few short sessions with her, she has seen a side of me that I never would have discovered on my own- in short, she sees me in a unique manner, unlike anyone I have ever met. Her perspective, her wisdom, and her wittyicism have made her an invaluable resource to me and to my company. I consider myself blessed to know her and think of her as one of my most precious friends. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her and her skills to anyone owning or operating a small business.”

Here are some ways I can help you. 



Elevate to your highest level of performance in this 1:1 program.  Clear blocks standing in your way of confidently showing up powered on and building momentum towards your goals. Let go of your self-doubts, and limitations as you step into your true purpose and power.

Optimize Your Energy.
Elevate Your Leadership Performance.
Make a Bigger Impact.

“It is so rare to find one person who can truly deliver all that and more… If you’re tired of mediocre and are committed to improving all aspects of your life, don’t hesitate to work with Stephana” Yifat Cohen, Influencer


Transform yourself and your leadership team’s energy and performance.

Develop peak performance habits and resilience strategies to release the extra weight, manage stress, and prevent burnout.

Acquire tools and skills to navigate change and uncertainty, fostering team cohesion, resilience, and adaptability. Become strong mentally and physically to lead from a place of wholeness. Enhance decision-making skills and clarity of thought, enabling more effective and confident decision-making in high-pressure situations.

Boost energy, focus, motivation, and productivity, through my proprietary program that leads to increased engagement, efficiency, and achievement of personal and professional goals.

“Stephana really knows what she’s talking about she cuts right down to what’s standing in the way… she challenged me to step up and fulfill that calling. I finally stopped dodging my spotlight and took center stage because of Stephana.” Darci D. North Star Nutrition


Bring Stephana in to revitalize your audience with actionable tools to manage their well-being proactively, leading to lower levels of burnout and greater engagement.
“The Resilient Leader’s Guide to Optimal Energy: Thriving Inside and Outside the Office”
You and your team will leave with valuable knowledge, practical strategies, and actionable steps to enhance overall productivity and performance.

Stephana’s contagious enthusiasm consistently inspires audiences. Guests are energized and empowered with real world tools to take inspired action immediately.


Enhanced Performance: Helping leaders optimize their performance by developing strategies to overcome challenges, adapt to change, and maintain a high level of productivity.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to adapt to change is crucial, I have guided numerous business owners to successfully manage transitions and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Conflict Resolution: Effective leadership involves navigating conflicts and fostering healthy relationships by providing strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, and building strong team dynamics.

Leadership resilience is a long-term investment in sustainable success. I help leaders build antifragile confidence surpassing resilience skills so you can weather challenges, stay focused on goals, and achieve consistent growth.

Team Empowerment:  I help build a resilient team culture, fostering collaboration, trust, and a shared sense of purpose within the organization.

Improved Decision-Making: I equip leaders with the skills to think critically, stay focused, and make sound decisions even in challenging situations.

Stress Management:  I provide proven techniques and tools to effectively manage stress, improve work-life balance, and prevent burnout.

Customized Programs for Organizations
Launch a leadership program for your entire team or company to optimize their performance and amplify their results. Make critical decisions, manage challenges with ease, and have sustainable energy for both work and personal life.

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Stephana Johnson Leadership Performance Expert, Business Coach, Author, Speaker

For the past 30 years, it has been my honor to support high-level executives, business owners, and celebrities and if you can commit to your goals, I will guarantee your results!

Learn the 11 Essentials of Powerhouse Leaders to skyrocket results for yourself, your team and your bottom line. 

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