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Every few days, someone will ask me what I think about some trendy peak performance, fitness or wellness topic … things like psychedelics’, fasting, supplements, a new fitness gadget …
This week it was the new Oura ring.

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With 30+ years as a business owner, leadership resiliency expert and high performance coach, Stephana is a proven leader with profound, real world experience. Through her writing, speaking and popular coaching programs she has the ear of top level athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Audiences relate to her substance and depth…which means more of what she says connects and sticks and results in real change.

With her most requested keynotes, Stephana makes every minute count. Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their performance.

Why invest in working with Stephana?

Do you want to eliminate overwhelm, gain greater clarity and perspective, boost energy and confidence, maintain focus and consistency in important areas? If you want to develop and refine new skills, improve performance, increase positive results, reconnect with your values, refine your boundaries and move forward whole and re-engaged for the long haul, working with me is an excellent investment.

What are the benefits of working with Stephana?

Coaching with me gives you a fresh perspective on your personal challenges, uncovers blinds spots and creates opportunities for enhanced decision-making, interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence. Coaching creates tangible outcomes in productivity, profitability and personal satisfaction with life, work and goal achievement.

How and where is coaching delivered?

I provide virtual, onsite and on location, as well as telephone coaching around the globe. Coaching begins with your Clarity Session that uncovers your current goals, opportunities, challenges, vision and expected outcomes. The scope of the relationship is defined and specific outcomes are established. Sessions are built around the energy of the client and vary in length from 15 – 120 minutes, most of the time occurring weekly. Between sessions, you complete action steps that are aligned with your goals. I offer direction, support, a sounding board, insight, training and accountability as you move along your process to achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Coaching continues on a workable basis to uncover your blind-spots and keep you moving towards your goals.

How much does coaching cost?

To give you an idea of introductory programs the Fundamentals & Assessments 3 Week Wellness Reset starts at $2700 and the Executive 24-hour Reset at $4500. Book a consultation so we can go over your goals and see if we’re a fit. Corporations and organizations are based on packages.  I don’t go by the clock, I go by your energy and the “compass”. Working with each client, there is energy and momentum, when we work this way, you get the best outcome.

What do individuals and organizations gain from coaching?

Through coaching with me, you can expect to:

  • Lead more effectively
  • Make better decisions
  • Act faster and more confidently
  • Become more effective at communicating
  • Learn why, when and how ‘self-sabotage’ hinders success
  • Feel less stressed, more in control and happier
  • Gain greater self mastery and harmony
  • Gain greater clarity, focus and commitment to goals
  • Rekindle or restore important relationships
  • Consistently get better results for yourself, your team and your bottom line
  • Businesses and organizations experience continuously increasing and sustainable growth, higher productivity, better innovation and a celebrated company culture
Stephana Johnson Leadership Performance Expert, Business Coach, Author, Speaker

For the past 30 years, it has been my honor to support high-level executives, business owners, and celebrities and if you can commit to your goals, I will guarantee your results!

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