⏰ You know that saying, “You can’t manage time?”

🧐 It’s true! But you can manage how you SPEND your time.

👍This is why I *love* time-saving tips that make my life easier and keep me moving forward.

I’m going to share a few of mine because they might make a difference for you, too.

Let’s assume you have cut out anything that doesn’t actually support you and your goals – eliminate these time wasters for sure. And you’ve been delegating the not your things to do – that’s something I’m working on and it’s becoming my new favorite time saver! Believe me, I did not know how to do this at first, I had a weird mindset that I had to do it all myself. Ugh! Not recommended.


✅ I keep a “control journal” digital and hard copy, it has a running grocery list, general shopping list, menu/meal plans, weekly schedules and errand list along with my very specific time blocked important actions (or BIG ROCKS!) so I batch most of my actions. LIFE CHANGER!

✅ I use a crockpot 2-3 times a week. Better than the insta pot to set it and forget it.

✅ I use a 2-minute rule, if I can get it done in under 2, I never delay – DO IT NOW!

✅ Program your algorithms=if this, then that: like if I come in from the car, I ALWAYS replace my keys back on their hook, in the same place, right inside the door. In fact, everyone in the house knows exactly where the keys are – ALWAYS, we do this with our shoes at the front door, mirror at the front door, coat, and hat rack at the front door so it’s super easy in and out. BIG TIME SAVER!

✅ If I don’t have time for my full workout, I’ll do a shorter Yogilachi® workout so I don’t skip it altogether and start to fall off-track. I’ve perfected this in my Yogilachi® Rapid Results Program which you can get FREE only through the end of July though, at www.Yogilachi.com

What are some of YOUR fave timesavers?👇

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