Welcome back to another Monday Morning Mentoring.

Today I want to talk about one of my FAVORITE things.

I have a feeling it might be one of your favorites, too.


I mean, who doesn’t love snacks, right?

A lot of people switch up their eating habits over the New Year to help them reach their goals …

and planning ahead is a big part of that, especially when it comes to food we eat BETWEEN MEALS.

Before I go any further, though, I want to say what I’m about to talk about will depend upon your unique needs … and that what works for one person might not work for another.

The information I’m going to be talking about here is general – but I find that it’s true for nearly all of my clients, and even for myself!

If you want to make changes in your health, fitness, or nutrition …. one of the first things people tend to focus on is their MEALS: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Which is great.

Making sure you’re covering your nutrition bases with your three major meals is fantastic.

But sometimes you get a craving during the day … or maybe you get an energy dip in the afternoon …

This is where snacks come in!

BUT … if you don’t plan your snacks AHEAD of time – and they turn into an afterthought – you can end up eating empty calories in foods that aren’t good for you, like ultra-processed chips or cookies.

This is why it’s a great idea to keep healthy snack foods on-hand – so that you have something healthy, delicious, and that will fill you up.

Some of the best snacks contain fiber or protein… because those nutrients will nourish you, fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied.

Your taste preference also can play a role in what snacks you choose – by that I mean, if you prefer sweet, creamy, salty, or crunchy food.

Here are just a few ideas: an apple and some almond butter or clean jerky … deviled eggs and dill pickles or Greek yogurt with sliced pears and cardamom … black sesame hummus and veggie sticks … turkey nori roll-ups…

Or … here’s an out-of-the-box option: a smaller portion of a regular meal. This choice will fill you up for the longest.

In today’s video I share my favorite snack ideas and shed some light on why the banana is the worst snack in the world!!