Discover the 3 Keys To

Boost Energy & Confidence


Unlock Your Inner

Powerhouse Confidence

Do you need to be the face of your brand but keep hiding out and making excuses…?

Are you hesitant to ask for that raise or promotion or go after that big contract?

Is your lack of energy and confidence keeping your from taking that speaking gig that will grow your business?

It’s time to put yourself out there more boldly, energized and with unwavering confidence.

100% Powerhouse

Energy & Confidence

Don’t let your lack of confidence block your ability to grow your business and make the impact you are here to make.

Revitalize without Compromise

Hi! I’m Stephana Johnson, CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Powerhouse Leaders and I help entrepreneurs and execs improve energy and confidence and unlock their fullest potential. I’ve been a professional model, actress and a business owner working with A-list celebrities and powerhouse leaders for the last 30 years.

I know what it takes to show up with confidence and energy. I want to share insider secrets of billionaire business owners, global leaders, top Fortune 100 execs and A-list celebrities.

In this 5 part training you are going to discover the 3 keys winning execs take every morning, you will start the day powered on with confidence and energy with this series of proprietary moves, you will gain unwavering confidence to stand out and proudly be seen and heard. 

This training will transform how you show up to lead your business and your life.

Be Visible

Confidently put yourself forward, whether as the face of your brand or leading your team.

Be Heard

Overcome imposter syndrome. Stop downplaying your achievements. No more ‘fake it ’til you make it’.

Be Iconic

Learn how to carry yourself with calm confidence and the secret with how to gracefully respond to adversity.

Learn this very powerhouse practice and preparation step for any video or speaking presentation that leads to successful outcomes every time.


Leadership Confidence

Powerhouse Energy & Confidence

Looks good on you

“Stephana is amazing, and the real deal! Hard to imagine someone has this much experience but she truly does. She focuses on all aspects of you and your business…”

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