Helping purpose driven, high achievers revitalize w/out compromise so they’re a better person, parent & partner, making a more profound positive impact.





We live in a highly visible culture. Unclear leaders lose credibility. Stressed leaders make poor decisions. Unhealthy leaders fail themselves and their teams. Stephana works with leaders around the globe, creating peak performance and resilience through optimal health, fitness, and focus.

Bring Stephana in to Revitalize Your Leaders

Your audience doesn’t need to hear another presentation full of ideas and dreams…they need actionable information! Your audience will leave with meaningful tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges.



Why Corporations and Business Owners are Looking to the Health, Well Being and Fitness of Their Managers, Leaders and Teams To Increase Respect, Influence & Profit


How highly successful women feel trapped by their appearance & weight in getting ahead in their careers. 


How high powered leaders keep themselves stuck go to the next level because of their appearance and weight. 

 “Stephana’s contagious enthusiasm consistently inspires our teams”

“If you want your audience leaning in, energized and empowered with real world tools to take inspired action, hire Stephana immediately!

Some of the companies Stephana has energized

“Stephana has the skills, experience, and resources to effectively move you through a transformation, and encourages you through each step, even the challenges…She doesn’t let you quit and instead gives you tools and empowers you to push through and feel really good about yourself. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from working with Stephana and am looking forward to more.”

Melani Buckley, MSOM

“Stephana is THE most passionate, caring, and honorable person I know. The second I walked through the door she was bursting with enthusiasm and pure joy. She was there for the good and the bad and I have her to thank for my success in these first few months of becoming the best version of myself.”

Harli Hubbard


“Stephana cuts right down to what’s standing in the way… she challenged me to step up and and fulfill that calling. I finally stopped dodging my spotlight and took my center stage because of Stephana.”

D. D.


“Stephana has the skills, experience, and resources to effectively move you through a transformation, and encourages you through each step, even the challenges”

guiding your best outcomes

3 Ways You Can Get My Support

24hour Executive Reset

Let’s identify where you’re leaking energy and recharge you at your core. We’ll jumpstart your weight loss, establish key foundations to help you revitalize and optimize without compromise.

C4 Mastery

Release unwanted weight. Optimize movement, mindset and nutrition for peak performance. Transform your body. Have unshakable Clarity, Confidence and Credibility for next level success.

Your Center Stage

Get the body you’ve always wanted, confident, energized and strong from the inside out. Radical positive transformation for total physical and financial alignment. No more dodging your own spotlight, never feel embarrased or insecure, finally achieve your real dream of success, previously stifled by your weight and appearance.

Programs & Resources


Based on my signature movement, mindset and nutrition training program, Yogilachi® is the perfect blend of yoga, Pilates and tai chi. Experience radical improvement in energy, strength and confidence, from the inside out.

Finding Joy Beyond Trauma

Clear the weight of past trauma that’s often at the root of what’s holding you back from true health, fulfillment and success.  A transformational protocol for busy professionals.

C4 Mastery®

C4 Mastery is your gateway to explosive Clarity, Confidence, Credibility and Celebrity. Based on my book Model 4 Business. It’s time for you to stop hiding out and take Your Center Stage.