I help high powered executives drop the extra weight, look and feel their best so they skyrocket performance, productivity and profit.

Whole Health Transformation Coach for Leaders

Stephana Johnson Fitness, Nutrition, Whole Health Weight Loss

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Stephana Johnson Fitness, Nutrition, Whole Health Weight Loss

About Stephana

With over 25 years in practice and hands-on, leading-edge knowledge in the fields of functional fitness, holistic health and nutrition, mindset & personal development, I’ve separated the fads from the facts.

As a result, I’ve perfected a methodology that produces the best results in the shortest time possible and in the safest, most efficient AND fun manner.

I help clients drop 20-30lbs of fat and transform their bodies in 90 days or less – without potions, counting calories, or other BS.

Sound too good to be true?

Please see the results and hear directly from some of my clients who did exactly that.

If you’d like a whole health approach to weight loss and to finally achieve the body and results you’ve always wanted, please click the link below to book a VIP Weight loss Jumpstart session with me.

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Join 100’s of clients from all over the world who have experienced incredible body transformation, improved energy, confidence, and many other positive life-changing health benefits from working with me.

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Executive RESET

Do you need to be the face of your brand but keep hiding out and making excuses…?

Are you hesitant to ask for that raise or promotion or go after that big contract?

Is your lack of energy and confidence keeping you from taking that speaking gig that will grow your business?

It’s time to drop the extra weight, look and feel your best so you skyrocket your performance.

6 Day Mobility makeover

  • Move Better FEEL Better
  • Gain better balance and flexibility
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Prevent injuries
  • Keep moving pain-free as you get older
  • Feel amazing!
  • Relieve Stress
  • Boost Energy
  • Lose Weight
  • Sleep Like a Baby
Yogilachi Stephana Johnson Holistic Coaching

“Stephana is a powerhouse! She has the skills, experience, and resources to effectively move you through a transformation, and encourages you through each step, even the challenges…
She doesn’t let you quit and instead gives you tools and empowers you to push through and feel really good about yourself. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from working with Stephana and am looking forward to more.” Melanie Buckley

“Stephana is THE most passionate, caring, and honorable person I know. The second I walked through the door she was bursting with enthusiasm and pure joy. She was there for the good and the bad and I have her to thank for my success in these first few months of becoming the best version of myself.” Harli H. Pro Athlete

“I am 44 years old and was starting to feel my age. I started having knee and hip problems about a year ago. I have been training with Stephana now for about 2 months, I’ve dropped 15lbs my clothes fit better, I feel much better, and best of all my knee hasn’t given me any trouble at all! I love her whole body approach to fitness and wellness. I highly recommend yogilachi to all you guys out there looking to lose a few pounds or just wanting to get back some of that energy and stamina.” Dustin Greene


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