If you’ve not heard of EFT or Tapping Technique by now, may I be the first to tell you that you are in for a wonderful treat. I recently taught a free class to a small group in my town and we recorded the class to share it here.

I have personally been using EFT for many years.
It’s served me in so many ways and I’ve discovered variations that work best for me. Because I feel there is no one size fits all and consider that everyone has different and unique need, I really like to educate and empower individuals, my clients and especially my family to explore and discover their own ideal approach and technique.

There are numerous variations out there already, it might get confusing. But the fundamentals remain the same. As you’ll see in the 2 part video from this class, I begin with the energy healing generally and use the “spinal flush” from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine (a book and a person’s work I highly recommend).

Please tell me what you think and how it works for you! I personally have been able to take many intense level (9-10 in intensity to a zero in under 5 minutes). The thing with sexual trauma and abuse is there are so many layers it’s not necessarily a cure all. But it’s a powerful and workable tool to help clear away much stuck energy so you can get more present and aware so you can then clear out the old patterns that can get stuck in place by those energy blocks stemming from the trauma.

All my love – in joy and peace.