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My Service Packages

As a specialist, I focus on each individual and organization’s unique needs and requirements, as such I prefer to create a custom program that best serves them, however, by popular request I’ve put together a simple “menu” of packaging and pricing here.

If you like to buy off the menu, that works too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an on line group coaching program with videos?

Nope. I work directly with my clients. Most of my programs are 1:1 but sometimes a partner wants amazing results too and I will work with the couples or the family together.

You will receive custom, detailed, specific, educational, empowering, and effective guidance designed specifically for you, your business, your circumstances, and your goals.
No herd groups. No “assistant” coaches.
No generalization, no typical tactics, no cookie-cutter, and no one-size-fits-all.

Book a free 30-minute consult and let’s see if we are a fit.

I've worked with good coaches before but then I fall back to my old patterns, how will this be different?

Maybe you’ve worked one-on-one with good coaches before. And a good coach can lead you almost anywhere. (Trouble is, the leading eventually stops.)
I’m a master coach and I will empower you to self-ignite and restore your own internal Powerhouse, to lead not only your business but your awesome life.

You will know your true purpose.

You will have your ideal and custom program and plans and you will be the star of your own life.

No need for a crutch or a guru – you will be your own master. The leader in your own life, leading your own business and success.

That’s my goal.

If perfection is your goal, let’s clear that right now. This is not about having a perfect life or business, this is about fully claiming your place in the world by taking your first-rate gifts, talents, and skills and bringing them to stardom.

You are already in progress, you may be missing minor guideposts and directions or you may be missing the big ones – like your ultimate goals and the actual plan to achieve them.

Either way, an important part of your experience will be learning how to course correct, how to process change, and re-calibrate throughout the turbulence AND the tailwinds.

This is an experience not just a checklist of items. You’ll learn how to focus on the prize without burning out.

Can you give an example of the areas you coach on and results you've gotten?

In addition to the in-depth holistic health & fitness training, transformational coaching, and strategic planning sessions, I offer my clients support and guidance spanning the entire depth and breadth of my knowledge base and skill set. For example, I have:
• helped support the transition and establish company culture for an organization that was bought and integrated into a larger company 
• streamlined the business model of an international company
• helped develop the leadership team for a VC investment purchase
• provided emotional/mental and spiritual wellness support to an A-List celebrity during award season
• crafted keynotes and signature communications for clients
• helped clients hire, train, and delegate to new employees
• trained clients on speaking and their energy around public appearances, and PR strategies
• helped clients negotiate and mediate with their partners
• restructured customer service department decreasing complaints by over 200%
• helped clients organize and plan offices
During their time in my Your Center Stage program clients have:
• broken the million $ sales mark
• published a best-selling book
• restructured their businesses
• entered advanced degree programs
• got married
• had babies
• relocated
• divorced
• changed careers
• established a new business
• patented 2 inventions
• received their first of many standing ovations
• grew their business and sold it for over $42 million
…and celebrated (and sometimes endured) other momentous milestones all while continuing to enjoy vibrant health, and radiant energy, powered on and on purpose and moving in the direction of their dreams.

How do you take payments?

I personally prefer cash, check, or direct deposit.

But have a secure online payment portal where you can pay by credit card.

If you pay in full and pay by cash/check/direct bank transfer I’m happy to pass the savings on to you. 

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