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Easy Middle Eastern Appetizer Muhammara Dip

Easy Middle Eastern Appetizer Muhammara Dip

Have you ever had Muhammara dip (aka red pepper & walnut dip)? It’s a middle-eastern appetizer that’s sweet, spicy, and satisfying. Try serving this simplified version at your holiday parties with veggie sticks for a light and healthy option. Its red color makes...

Do This Trick To Fix Your Posture in 30 Seconds

Carrying around a 10-15 pound ball on top of your body if it's in alignment is one thing, but even a few degrees off and that weight becomes multiplied by the forward bend position. No wonder we have so much neck and shoulder pain from executives trying to perform at...

Are You Making Enough Deposits in this Account?

Are You Making Enough Deposits in this Account?

Let's take a deep dive into a BILLION-dollar topic. No, that is not a typo! It’s all about staying healthy as you age. This year, across the world, people will spend $62 billion on anti-aging efforts. That’s one of those numbers that is so big, it’s hard to imagine,...

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results

Are you ready to ramp up your results? I hope so because today I’m focusing on the TOP ACTIONS you can take to 10x your results … … even (especially!) if you’re stuck in a plateau. Basically, a plateau is when your results stall out and you stop seeing the progress...


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