To Compare or Not To Compare That is The Question


Comparing oneself to another is a common predicament for many people.

The question is, why compare?

Are we naturally wired to be competitive? I don’t believe so. This comparing of oneself and always looking at someone else’s accomplishments, possessions, looks and life, can be attributed to the disassociation of one own’s sense of self.

The truth is you will never measure up to anyone else. Why? Because you are unique. You are the absolute only one of you. So why keep trying to measure yourself against another?

If you want to improve your life and expand your business or accomplishments, you only need to evaluate where you are now to where you want to go. A place you choose from what I like to call “sacred Intention”. This is the intention that is fundamentally YOU. Not the programs and sub programs running.

If you are having difficulty defining your destination it will be difficult to chart your course of action.

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The Reported World Vs The Created World


This is a very important concept and the time has come for the full use of our Creative Power as the spiritual beings we are.

We must all begin to awaken to our higher awareness, we must begin and continuously create the peace, the freedom, the love, the hope, the joy, the well being for all on this planet. No matter the current “reported world”.

Even in the darkest hour…

When I was told “the man who owns this phone is unconscious and unresponsive”…

When I was told “your husband had a cardiac arrest and is unresponsive”

I saw with pure Faith only one outcome “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”

Our two boys 6 and 9 repeated with me this Prayer, Affirmation and Creation “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I was told “your husband was de-fibbed 3 times and he is unresponsive”

My boys and I held to one Creation “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I was told by the social worker of the hospital it would be best not see my husband I held to only one creation “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I was told by the doctor of the hospital “your husband is unresponsive and…”

I repeatedly said I want to see my husband holding to one and only one outcome  “Daddy happy, healthy and at home”.

When I walked in and saw a white and grey unclothed intubated body on a gurney I held to one Creation.

I located the Creative power manifested in the body of my husband and repeated. “No matter what this looks like – this is not our reality, you are pure Source, your body is a miracle, you can heal in an instant, you will. The boys and I hold you in your highest and best outcome. And So It IS.” I held the bottom of his feet and felt the energetic connection shift. In that moment – the reported world changed and changed very quickly. What before was somber was now emergency as they took action that matched creating the only outcome allowed.

From that instant to 90 hours later when Daddy was happy, healthy and at home through the minute by minute reported world of “coma, pneumonia, acute kidney injury, etc. etc. etc. The one Creative power held was Daddy happy healthy and at home.

In our world on planet earth, the globally reported situation is what it is. But it is NOT what it has to be. It is not our job to sort through and continue to report something we do not choose.

And so I invite you to Create a new world with me. I invite you to invoke your highest awareness, your Divine connection. I invite you to hold our planet and each and every inhabitant in highest good and best outcome. And no matter what the reported world currently says – we hold to the Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Love, Truth, Empathy, Joy, Health, Well Being, Peace of Earth.

I hold this for our planet. I see this. I know this and I hold this for every being on this planet.

Prayer works. Prayer is the Created world held with pure Faith and continually Created until it is Manifest.

We can Create a new reported world. And when you see the sun rise and it’s rays upon the Earth know that it is the love, your love, my love, Divine Love reflecting back to us, that love and peace Created.

And So It Is.

Stephana Johnson

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What if one idea could change your world?


The Ayurveda summit started today. I watched Dr. John and was so excited to hear his forthright wisdom that we all can experience!

27 Ayurveda experts to help you evolve on your wellness path and spiritual journey! Listen to the best teachers of this ancient healing wisdom, from East and West, at The Ayurveda Summit, November 9-16.

Yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, doctors and those who want to tap into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda will benefit from The Ayurveda Summit. Furthermore, understand the full scope of Ayurveda in the East and the West for yourself and your business, from the root wisdom all the way through to its modern application. Join the online conversation about this ancient healing wisdom from November 9-16.

Did you know? People who use meditation and relaxation techniques may be physiologically younger by 12 to 15 years. Join me at The Ayurveda Summit and learn how to dramatically slow the aging process with self-care techniques more than 5,000 years old. Online and free from November 9-16.

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Can Four Letter Words Relieve Stress?


Words are like magic. They cast spells. Some are positive. Some negative.

Your body believes every word you say. Your mind is so powerful it can make a word, whether thought, written or spoken, become reality.

Without even writing them here, if I ask you to imagine fowl 4 letter words, the electrical negativity spews  forth like ghosts and goblins in the night.

Affirmations have been proven to change the chemistry of water, the brain and blood.

What are affirmations? Words. Even a single word.

Feel the energy change when you cast the spell of these 4 letter words.

  • PETS
  • YOGA
  • WALK
  • PLAY
  • LOVE
  • HUGS
  • GLAD
  • PRAY
  • GOOD
  • NICE
  • MOVE
  • MOON

Whether you belong to Slytherin house or use the magic of Glinda the good witch, the choice is yours.
Here is a 5 and 9er for you: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How can I help you make your body, mind and business more magical?  Connect with Stephana at or  Stephana Johnson is a Master Personal Trainer and Holistic Coach changing lives from the inside out.

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Leading Personal Training Studio Brings Health Transformations From The Inside Out


VANCOUVER, Wash., Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Premier health and fitness coach and owner of Yogilachi in East Vancouver, WA continues to see solid results from a holistic approach to better health and weight loss versus a single focus on exercise.

Logo –
Photo –

For those who hate over crowded gyms, Yogilachi is a Personal Training & Yoga studio in East Vancouver providing a more comfortable, home like environment.

Lead Trainer and owner Stephana Johnson, has been in the health and wellness industry for over 28 years. She began her career in fitness at the prestigious Vertical Club in NYC and quickly became an in-home private trainer to academy award winning celebrities and high powered CEOs. Over the years from Los Angeles to Houston, TX she has provided clients with a more holistic approach to making a lifestyle of intelligent exercise and nutrition as well as positive mindset coaching.

With a new location in East Vancouver, WA, Johnson provides private and semi-private training and coaching in a home like studio setting. “I feel more comfortable than going in to a box gym. Stephana provides exceptional skills and expertise but also real connection in a supportive community,” says Kelly a long time client of Yogilachi.

Yogilachi’s Mission is to

inspire our clients to experience optimal well being.
become a family of coaches committed to creating a partnership with clients.
approach all challenges with a spirit of joy, empathy and professionalism, always providing the most holistic and workable solutions.
make a difference in the community by promoting healthier holistic lifestyles and being a resource for positive change.

“She is not a ‘get thin quick’ solution or a gym membership you never use, but rather a transformation guru who can help you with your nutrition, your happiness, your relationships (with yourself and others) and your workout. It is so rare to find one person who can truly deliver all that and more, which is why I am so grateful to have met Stephana and be a part of her program. If you’re tired of the way you feel and are committed to improving all aspects of your life – Stephana is your go-to woman. She is definitely mine,” says Yifat Cohen, Owner of G+Go To Gal.

Johnson says her company focus and expertise lies primarily with two distinct demographics:

1.) Women who have lost their physique (and much of their self-confidence) to the understandable demands of motherhood and/or through their devotion to their chosen career…or both.

2.) Professional men that, because of their devotion and commitment to their chosen career path and supporting their family, have lost much of the muscle, strength, stamina and energy that they once enjoyed throughout their younger years.

Yogilachi provides coaching and accountability in a private and comfortable environment. “We are a results oriented company and we are completely committed to making certain that you have every ounce of support you need in order to succeed,” says Johnson.

“Almost everyone struggles with nutrition. Unfortunately, regardless of how hard you work in the gym, even if you’re training correctly, you cannot out-work a poor diet. That is why all of our training programs include our custom nutrition coaching programs,” says Johnson. “Our philosophy is based on a balanced nutrition plan with sensible portion sizes, not deprivation or starvation.”

Yogilachi is located at 16909 NE 22nd Street in the East Vancouver, WA community and website is All services are by appointment only and part of programs custom for each client.

For questions or interviews, contact Stephana Johnson 360-936-3374 or via email. More information can also be found on the company website

SOURCE Stephana Johnson

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5 Ways To Create More Happiness In The Workplace and Your World


I’ve owned my own business since I was 13 and I enjoy it very much. My husband works for a mega corporation and has pretty much always worked for a variety of big corporations since he first entered the work force. So it is always very interesting to observe the not so subtleties of happiness in the workplace and it’s influence in our lives and vice versa.

At first I was going to title this “A Yearly Bonus Isn’t What Makes A Happy Employee”

Then I thought, the truth is, anybody whether an employee, employer, entrepreneur or housewife – we just want to be happy. So how can we find more of that?

Here are the top 5 I found and studies repeatedly have shown these contribute to a measurable level of increased happiness.

1. GRATITUDE. The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley in collaboration with the University of California, Davis completed a 3 year research on Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude in 2014.

Their findings proved people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits:

Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure
Higher levels of positive emotions
More joy, optimism, and happiness
Acting with more generosity and compassion
Feeling less lonely and isolated

The operative word, however, is consistency. Those who did not do this on a regular basis had significantly less (albeit a subtle increase in happiness) than those who had a daily practice of finding 3 different items to be grateful for. They would keep a daily log and each day add 3 new items to their “gratitude journal”. This is where the significant results in happiness were experienced that seemed to have been the catalyst for the original study being taken on.


2. CELEBRATE. aka “The Doubler”. The action is to find 1 positive event (doesn’t matter the size or significance) and describe the details and feelings of the event for at least 2 minutes, in writing. Studies have found that taking one positive experience and writing about it for at least 2 minutes acts as a re-experiencing of the positive effects all over again. Any positive experience can be relived repeatedly gathering more details and stronger positive feelings as you write about the details. Some wrote of the birth of their child, receiving an award, positive feedback at work, and so on. Significant and immediate positive effects on the happiness level of those in the study were noted. (Once again journaling is involved)

3. FUN. 15 minutes of active mindful fun every day. This study showed that when a person takes time every day to do something they love and enjoy their level of happiness increases. Well of course, right? But the study also noted that one persons fun may not be the same as another. So in the case of an office setting and a big ol’ paint ball shoot fest is set to bring office morale up and you have half the office who would prefer to garden or visit a museum, this isn’t going to work. So to qualify as FUN you have to like it. One person’s fun is another’s anxiety attack so never force co-workers or employees or ridicule if they choose to bow out of the company “fun” day. And here’s a little bonus for you – what do you consider fun? If you are an employer, do you know what each of your employees considers fun? Give yourself permission to enjoy the type of fun, whether it’s sky diving, pottery or reading a good book just for the pure pleasure of it.

4. SMILE and “It was my pleasure”. I love this one. The action is to smile consciously at least 3 times a day. The moment I start getting serious about things, even typing an article, I stop and smile. When I do that – it’s a sign to my body to relax. Breathe. This can make a difference in your life as well as others. The Ritz Carlton showed high marks when the implemented this one action. Instead of saying “you’re welcome” to guests and fellow employees, they would say “It was my pleasure” with a smile.

5. MEANINGFUL SOCIAL CONNECTION. On the days I am on deadlines for a book or article and have no real social connection, I can feel drained. Charge your battery with meaningful social connection, laughter and enjoyment. Petty criticism or rumor mongering around the water cooler doesn’t count. Genuine appreciation and empathy has been shown to be life saving. A sense of belonging increases happiness like no other. While social media is here to stay it’s not a substitute for meaningful social connection.

While I’m certain most folks don’t mind the annual bonus it just won’t make up for a year of lack of happiness in the workplace. Whether you want to lesson your turn over rate or you want to feel more satisfied in your job, one or all of these small doable steps could make a big positive difference.

Try one or all of them to increase you happiness and let me know how it goes!

If you’d like to see how you are doing on the happiness scale, take the free happiness assessment here: Take The Happiness Assessment

Stephana Johnson is a Master Trainer and Expert Holistic Business & Life Coach. Send inquiries to or visit or

To take the Happiness Assessment follow this link.

Take The Happiness Assessment

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Don’t let your dentist destroy your health!


80% of disease symptoms are caused by problems in the mouth, and millions are exposed to disease-promoting dental procedures every day!

Oral health is the most overlooked health issue in conventional and integrative medicine, yet…

It’s possible to reverse cancer by properly eliminating oral infections
90% of all heart attacks are caused by oral pathogens
Autoimmune disorders can be resolved by getting rid of toxic dental materials
Reversing gum disease can help you get rid of digestive problems
Root canal procedures increase your risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases


Jonathan Landsman gathered 34 of the world’s top experts to show you the best ways to improve oral health, prevent and reverse disease symptoms, and save thousands of dollars in unwanted medical expenses. By attending the Holistic Oral Health Summit, you’ll learn how to identify, prevent and eliminate the roots of disease.

Register for FREE now at the following link: HOLISTIC ORAL HEHOLISTIC ORAL HEALTHALTH


The Holistic Oral Health Summit will cover:

Is Your Mouth Killing You?
Toxins and Bugs: The Dangers Lurking in the Mouth
Is It Wise to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?
Dental Implant News: Warning and Solutions

Gum Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Solutions
Mercury Poisoning: Signs, Tests and a Detox Plan
Plus, much more!

Attend and listen to the following experts:

Ronald Hunninghake, MD, Vitamin C Therapy: Neutralizing Dental Toxins
Amy Myers, MD, Autoimmune Disease: The Oral Health Connection
Boyd Haley, PhD, Mercury Exposure: An Alzheimer’s Disease Alert
Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, The Roots of Heart Disease
Mike Adams, NaturalNews, Conventional Dentistry: A Risk to Society

With 29 additional expert talks sharing how poor oral health is directly connected to chronic disease symptoms, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for everyone concerned about their health!

Register today and you’ll get the following FREE gifts:

Gift #1: The 3 Most Important Things to Know Before Seeing a Dentist by Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS
Gift #2: Reversing Disease: An Overlooked Solution by Ronald Hunninghake, MD
Gift #3: Essential Oils for Oral Health by Dr. Eric Zielinski (Summit Talk)
Gift #4: Why Leaky Gut Causes Tooth Decay and 5 Ways to Cure It by Dr. Josh Axe (Summit Talk)

The Holistic Oral Health Summit is online and free from September 28 – October 5, 2015!

Register for FREE at the following link today: Holistic Oral Health

I’ll see you at the summit!

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Everything we do has a cost and a pay off.

Sometimes it’s monetary but more so, there is an emotional and mental cost or pay off in the things we do.

If we do something and it fails or we procrastinate or stop ourselves – it costs us time and money plus a lot frustration, anxiety and doubt. There is a cost to it – as well as a pay off.

Let’s look at the pay off to doing negative things: we get to be right about something.

This is a buried mind set for a lot of people. There is that little voice in the back of the head – when, for example, procrastination or where you don’t do as good of a job as you could have and you miss the mark. The pay off then is you get to say “see I was right, I couldn’t pull it off”.

Whether it’s losing weight or getting in great shape, improving your confidence and ability to put yourself forward and do more public speaking, or to do what needs to be done to get the right amount of leads so you make the sales target you want.

There is a weird pay off and we don’t always think about it. We look at the “poor me” or find ourselves “so busy”. But you know what, every body has the same amount of time. There are many people with more on their plate and yet they are getting things done.

When we remove that pay off and we eliminate our excuse to feel bad, to go off and commiserate with friends and family because we couldn’t make it, we see that to become successful – you have to be a different person.

To be fit and healthy, it’s a whole new set of habits. You don’t go to a drive-through for your meals and you don’t sit in front of the tv with a tub of ice cream. Instead you mindfully plan, prepare and take the time to enjoy a meal of real food, seated at a table and you go take a yoga class or you go walk your dog. You create better. You find more fulfilling, more supportive relationships.

To be confident and focused with a positive mindset, you don’t get to constantly sit in front of your computer being sold a lot of nonsense about people who aren’t real. Instead you are clear on what your core values are, what your mission is and you are diligent about keeping your thoughts, words and actions consistent with your core values and mission.

With success, there is a whole new set of pressures, sure.

Some of your biggest breakthroughs will come when you have the realization that you are the one holding yourself back. It’s a tough thing to call out on yourself.

These are just a couple of those thoughts buried…

“I don’t know what is going to come with that…(amazing success, new figure, etc)”

“If I play it small I don’t have to take any real responsibility for…”


It’s easy to play it small…but it’s more fun to play BIG!

You need to become a different person than you are today in order to have the success you want in your life, in your world, in your business. You must push through barriers in your mind, in your actions, in your habits to get to that place of success.

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How To Honor Your Sexual Energy and Find Balanced Success Even When Married To Your Business Partner!

Dr. Janelle Alex is the co-creator with her husband Rob Alex, of Mission Date Night and is joining me on today’s episode of Balanced Success to share her incredible wisdom and joy for helping couples connect!

We can have balanced success in every area of our life when we have this one core piece in place. Find out about the supportive give and take that can bring about amazing shifts and gifts as Dr. Alex shares her beautiful story and insight.

“Our sexual energy is more than about our sex life. Our sexual energy is about our creative force it is our life force and being connected to my sexual energy, you feel sexier and you will have more ideas…” Dr. Alex.

“It’s about honoring and having that commitment to love and honor those around you.”

Be open to new possibilities. Everything is better from this perspective!

I’m thrilled to have her beautiful message on Balanced Success!

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The Ripple Effect: The 5 Ingredients To Making Better Decisions Today

In 1958, Chairman Mao of China ordered all sparrows to be killed.

Destroying all nests, all eggs, all nestlings and all the sparrows in China – because they were eating some of the grain.

The first year it appeared to “work” as there was more grain. But the next year locusts became so prevalent that it wiped out entire crops.

As a direct result of his decision to kill the sparrows 36 MILLION people died of starvation in 3 years.

How often do we make decisions and take actions without thinking of the ultimate cost?

If we can begin to understand the ripple effect, we can begin now to be more conscious, more aware of what our decisions in this moment lead to in our future.

The planting of seeds is one of the best analogies to understand the deeper meaning behind our decisions. What we see in our life and our business is absolutely a direct result of seeds we have planted in the past.

Each decision, each action being a seed, what does your life look like today?

Is it one of joy, connection, success and health? Or is it filled with fear, turmoil, chaos and worry? These are not only the growth of the seeds we’ve planted along the way, but also the seeds that continue to sprout off shoots and spread into all areas of our life.

Here are the 5 steps I take to make better decisions the first time, see if they might help you:

1. Attune your Awareness. I like to use the word pliable when I talk about awareness for it is expandable and contractible depending on the individual circumstance. Ideally one would be looking for decisions aligned with the highest and best good and outcome for the whole. Sometimes we need a more expandable awareness, thinking more long term, greater impact on the whole, etc. But we also need to be able to know when we have enough understanding to make a viable decision.

2. Engage in Imaging. One of the greatest gifts we have is the power to imagine. Dreaming and imagination open us to possibility. It shows us what is more than just probable. However, spending so much time watching the product of another’s imagination in the form of media, video games, movies and even reading, we do not give ourselves the time and space to engage in our own imaging.

3. Find Your Focus. You will know you have found your focus when you feel unhurried and calm and the decision is crystal clear. Focus is the moment when you are whole and there is no longer a fork in the road.

4. Seek Supportive Support. Many times we find ourselves receiving what should be supportive when in fact it is a conglomeration of the machine that perpetuates prior poor decisions and prolongs actions that result in more harm. Unfortunately this collective mentality can get more band width in our awareness because we have not been equipped with filters yet (awareness helps in the filtering out).

5. Release what IS NOT working/Reinforce what IS working. When we feel cornered because of a previous poor decision, sometimes rather than giving it the heave ho, we try to make it work to prove it wasn’t such a bad decision in the first place. Take my hard earned experience, RELEASE what’s not working when you become aware. This doesn’t give you carte blanche to set a flame to your lemon of a car, but the step of recognizing that a decision wasn’t the best and cutting losses allows you to move forward and if you need to make up damage from the poor decision caused, so be it. These are not step 1 and 2 these are concurrent, so when you reinforce the decisions, the actions that ARE working, this is best done to balance the releasing of what’s not working. Then re-commit and establish a system to maintain the highest working results and continually monitor so it doesn’t take 3 years before you release an unworkable decision.

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions or create more room to have the success in our lives, our relationships, our businesses – while still full of hangups from the past. If I were to suggest action steps to help I’d say this:

1. Cultivate awareness daily through a meditation practice, quiet time or just walking in nature interruption free – one of my favorite ways to awaken.

2. Spend time daily imaging your life as you desire it to be, from your own origination. Imagine actually living from that space and imagine how if feels. This practice of engaging the imagination with awareness and intention can have a profound and lasting effect and actually rewire the past.

3. Practice focusing in on 1 object or focusing on your breath for a full cycle or at least 30 seconds. This is helpful in calming chaotic thoughts prior to making decisions and help prevent taking actions based on negative emotions that lead to harmful decision making.

4. With the first 3 steps integrated, getting and giving real support becomes more doable. As a result, you will cultivate the kind of supportive support to make the best decisions for a positive, holistic and sustainable outcome.

5. Prioritize your life around the important decisions, actions and tasks that are working. Release the old patterns and poor habits and past decisions that are not working. Learn from it, sure but don’t beat yourself up about it. Release the wreckage. Reinforce the lesson.


These steps are symbiotic. Never complete, always evolving. Like natural cycles and interdependence on the WHOLE.

If you are like me, you recognize the far reaching effects of small decisions and hope your decisions make a long term positive impact, while also supporting your goals for today.

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