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Combining my business, stage and life experience to help you know and grow YOUR business. Read my story...


"Stephana is a powerhouse! She has the skills, experience, and resources to effectively move you through a transformation, and encourages you through each step, even the challenges. She doesn’t let you quit and instead gives you tools and empowers you to push through and feel really good about yourself. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from working with Stephana and am looking forward to more."
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” You changed my life. I slept for the first time last night. I have a sense of peace for the first time in a long time. I have clarity, confidence and a direction.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. XO“
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”Stephana is the arsenal you need to defeat your self doubt, your fear of failure and make a true change. She is your secret weapon in your war with your past, your judgments and your state of mind. She will move you from 'I can't' to 'I choose not to'.“
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”I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all that you are doing for! Your sessions are the best part of my day! Also, thanks for the great emails...what great information...“
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”Today's session was awe inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You identified three core aspects of my business that really helped me to gain perspective. Firstly, you increased my confidence by expressing why you thought my target market was ideal and recommended how to crystallize my message... “
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Are you struggling with clearly identifying how to market your unique talents, skills and services?

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Total of 28 Days from start to finish.

We will begin with a 40 minute private session, via Skype or Google+ where we create your custom strategy and set your specific and clear goals for the program.

This package includes:

  • 4 weekly group sessions (these will be recorded if you cannot make it live)
  • Specific action steps for focus
  • On line worksheets and accountability
  • Feedback to stream line how to most effectively monetize your skills and talents
  • Identification and description of your ideal audience
  • Strategic planning for direct connection routes to your ideal audience
  • Begin defining a workable business model streamlined for your success
  • Identify and name the VALUE and the WHO that describes your particular business and field
  • Outlined script to easily communicate your who so it is heard and understood by your audience
  • Identify and name the WHAT it is you offer
  • Identify and name your clear marketing message
  • Identify and name the HOW you will offer your talent, gifts and skills
  • Identify and name actual product/service structure

If you follow the program, in 28 days you will:

  • Begin clearly communicating your targeted message to your defined audience
  • Be crystal clear on who needs, wants and will buy your products or services
  • Know exactly how to market to your audience and know where to find them
  • Feel more confident connecting with your ideal clients
  • Begin creating A Model For Business that leads to more fun, more fulfillment and more profits
  • Start standing in your authentic power
  • Begin to recognized and dissolve barriers that keep you in the background
  • Be ready to take the next step to get your business center stage

Getting tingles? Feeling some excitement at what this could mean for your business? You could be ready to take the steps to start moving your business Center Stage!

If you know you're ready, you can use the button below to pay and we'll get your first session set up. I'm excited to help you know and grow your business!

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